The Interface

wisy is divided into two basic areas:

  • Frontend
    The frontend actually describes the website as it is displayed to a visitor. However, wisy gives you the possibility to edit the displayed content directly on the website as soon as you have logged in as an admin.
  • Adminarea (Backend)
    If you want to make structural changes such as changes to the site structure or database contents, upload media files or the like, the Adminarea is the right area to do so.

The frontend and backend in wisy

Image: The frontend and the backend in wisy


Manage Media

wisy gives you the opportunity to upload different media to your website.
This includes images in various formats, PDF files, videos and much more.

The advantage of such libraries is that the corresponding media on the website can "only" be referenced from the library and can therefore be managed centrally at one location.

If an image has changed and you want to exchange it across websites, instead of having to exchange the images individually on each page on which you use them, you can simply access the image library in the admin area and exchange the image, and the image is replaced reliably throughout the entire page.

Upload Groups
All media can also be divided into upload groups to make it easier for you to keep order in your library, which you can edit, create new ones, delete and even drag’n drop into your library.

Live preview

In the frontend and in some Adminarea modules wisy offers you a live preview where you can see how your changes will affect the content as you type, but until you actively save the change, nothing will change for normal website visitors.