The wisy CMS

wisy stands for "Web Information System" and already clarifies the basic orientation of the Content Management System (CMS).

It is designed to be easily used by anyone without programming skills to manage websites, while generating clean, search engine oriented source code, as well as being quickly and easily set up, extended and administered.

This makes it possible to quickly and easily create sophisticated websites that are technically at the highest possible level without being unnecessarily complicated.

A 3d house with white wall and red roof.


wisy reinterprets the "What you see is what you get"-principle (WYSIWYG) and provides the user with a Live-Preview, so most content elements can be edited directly on the website, immediately controlled and managed and show the editor directly via the automatic preview instead of just seeing it in the editor.

A major difference is that it is much easier for the user to generate clean website code, e.g. the special architecture of wisy prevents the introduction of foreign formats, which often occurs when copying from Microsoft Word or similar word processing programs and will just generate very strange and bad code structures.


New to the site

New templates
You can now discover the new templates "Mocca", "Paris" and "Heartbeat" here.

New video tutorial.
Learn how to add/modify forms on the website and what options you have.


Current version

v2.21 (Change Log)