Change Log:

Here you can track the latest changes and adjustments in wisy CMS and view news.


v2.10 (beta)

  • New: Statistics reporter: dashboard-style creation of statistics.
  • New: New error handler with automatic notification.
  • New: Calendar wizard for staggered creation of calendar entries.
  • New: Calendar wizard for filtered deletion of entries.
  • New: Custom form fields can now be declared as repeating fields. This means the entry must match another field, otherwise the form will not be processed / submitted.
  • Fixed: When Anchor-Navi is used, duplicate processing could occur for special elements because content function was executed twice in some cases.


  • New: Product import: Attribute language values can now be imported via CSV import.
  • New: Statistics: View simulator introduced.
  • New: Statistics: Clicks on external links.
  • Fix: PWA pages are no longer always created in the admin area but only when the setting is set.


  • New: Rating function for content elements.
  • New: Bookable calendar entries including ICS file creation and shipping or importable calendar ICS.
  • New: Calendar entries can be styled differently depending on type.
  • New: Special element templates can now be defined per page_id or per content_id (cid).
  • New: Ability to automatically save images in different resolutions when uploading and load the correct file based on screen size.
  • New: CMS Optimizer module to clean up old data.


  • New: Automatic lazy loading for images & iFrames introduced. (controllable via Settings)
  • New: Added conditional mandatory fields for CustomForm fields.
  • New: BB code block system now template-based for customizability between float, flex and grid definitions.
  • New: New special element: product_detail_pdf_creator. Creates PDFs of the detail views of products or of custom files.
  • New: Import and export for content categories.
  • New: Template texts can now be stored language specific. (Example: {LAN:en}apple cake{/LAN}{LAN:en}apple cake{/LAN})
  • New: Duplication now with direct name specification.
  • New: PHP 8.0 support
  • New: Contact by email or mailing for custom form senders.
  • Fixed: Products that are not purchasable could not be saved.


  • New: New statistics collection: video play/pause behavior.
  • New: Image Map Editor for creating links on images and output.
  • New: Download center can now download videos and images directly.
  • New: Download center now has order conversion function & easier detection
  • New: Inquiry basket based on shopping cart system introduced
  • New: Automatic product detail PDF creation and download.
  • New: Media library search function.
  • New: Added special element "video grid".
  • New: Secure Session: sessions are now forcibly transmitted securely if the website uses an SSL certificate/ https transmission.
  • Fixed: Website PWA export now captures inline style background-images.