Change Log:

Here you can track the latest changes and adjustments in wisy CMS and view news.


v2.20 (beta)

  • New: Double opt-in for custom form submissions.
  • New: Redirector added by Post Form.
  • New: FE logins are now blocked like backend users after too many login attempts as well. (adjustable)
  • Changed: CustomForm to mailing transfer algorithm improved.
  • Fixed: Duplication of custom forms with condition dependencies has now been rebuilt for the new display type.
  • Fixed: CSS-Update für Page Flip z. B. bei product_search special element.


  • New: Make button "layouts" of editor more flexible to create things like 1|6, etc. too by selection dialog.
  • New: Automatically put the css file of the special element from "css/_disabled/" folder to the real one if a special element is used.
  • New: Forum threads can now be locked by the thread starter or higher user levels, so that no replies can be entered anymore.
  • New/Changed: Adminarea now has page title info that better describes called modules.
  • Changed/Fixed: Session cookie will now be safe and stored with the samesite attribute.
  • Fixed: The ICS importer can now handle fields that span multiple lines.
  • Fixed: Some CSS files from the admin area were sometimes merged with the style.css file of the frontend.
  • Fixed: Merged files from script merger were sometimes in the main layer, not in the right directory. (index.php and Ajax / popups (after moving) may have caused this)


  • New: FE users can now also access "global" folders per group in FE Upload Center special items and deposit uploads.
  • New: CSS class fields e.g. in Custom Form Fields, Pages, Images, etc. now suggest already used values and make them selectable.
  • New: For Custom Form Field CSS fields are now suggested in style_zz_custom_form.css in the wildcards /* CUSTOM_CLASS START */... /* CUSTOM_CLASS END */ stored CSS classes are suggested.
  • New: Change clipboard content from HTML to bbcode if "paste as bbcode"-button is selected when pasting data to editor / or even always if ctrl + v is used.
  • New: New mailing content export option with bas64 encoded images.
  • New/Changed: Custom classes and custom spans are now better captured and displayed as a separate button if the style_custom_class.css file is available and correctly filled.
  • New/Changed: Loading animation changed to SVG.
  • Changed: Internal path structure for additional window files adjusted.
  • Fixed: The zoom of image slideshow images might not show the larges resolution possible, if srcsets are activated.


  • New: "Conditional display" and "Conditional mandatory field" have been extended to allow multiple conditions at once. (or connection)
  • New: FE upload count in FE upload centers, shares and forums can now be tracked and displayed (Title or as list.
  • New: After a product purchase you can now also call your own template. (e.g. a PHP preset)
  • New: Deepl API can now be switched between Free and Paid and used. (but an API key is necessary)
  • New: Error Reporting => Error messages are sent only once as long as the temp files are not deleted.
  • Fixed: tidy_up algorithm can now sort large amounts of entries. (e.g. helpful for own form submissions with waiting list)
  • Fixed: Forum upload options are now fully displayed again.


  • New: OpenAI can now be used to have texts generated directly in wisy.
  • New: Test sending of the newsletter can now be done from content editing with direct return.
  • New: Backups can now additionally be transferred to external FTP server. (via SFTP)
  • New: Online calendars (ICS based) can now be displayed as calendar entries. (affects calendars, latest calendar entries and calendars by category)
  • New: Template with Webaction preset is automatically stored if not yet done by template directly, if set in the settings. Applies also for e.g. redirects, etc.
  • New: Redirect page is now customizable by template.
  • Changed: Various mobile customizations for the admin area, e.g. in the statistics section, etc.
  • Fixed: Thumbnails specified for download can now be replaced even if the newly specified thumbnail has a different file extension than JPG and the old one was a JPG.
  • Fixed: Various textual adjustments, etc.