Change Log:

Here you can track the latest changes and adjustments in wisy CMS and view news.


v2.13 (beta)

  • New: Copy CCW settings of one element to another (RMB > Duplicate Element has a new context menu)
  • New: Create phone links via wizard
  • New: Special element ticket system
  • New: Statistics extension: Disable certain pages for e.g. statistk evaluation output
  • Fixed: Statistics conversion aim filter not always preset for all statistics
  • Fixed: Chained custom form dispatches were not displayed correctly in Mail after Save as Draft


  • New: Adminarea-Multi-Auth-Login via email or SMS activatable
  • New: FrontEnd multi-auth login activatable by email or SMS
  • New: Image-Src-Sets for CSS (image-set) added (e.g. as CCW-wildcard)
  • Changed: Update endpoints, help endpoints, etc. adjusted.


  • New: Contingent notification subscription
  • New: Optional Custom Form Groups
  • New: Custom Form editing status with transfer and export functions, etc.
  • New: Comments and Ratings for products and more easily transferable for other content items.
  • New: Media data offloadable to external server via FTP if necessary. (not recommended)
  • New: Downloads and videos can now be included externally via http/https via settings.
  • New: Custom form field dependencies can now be extended to fields of {current-submission-} form fields via Settings.
  • New: Export page as HTML now also with PWA offline support.


  • New: Statistics reporter: dashboard-style creation of statistics.
  • New: New error handler with automatic notification.
  • New: Calendar wizard for staggered creation of calendar entries.
  • New: Calendar wizard for filtered deletion of entries.
  • New: Custom form fields can now be declared as repeating fields. This means the entry must match another field, otherwise the form will not be processed / submitted.
  • Fixed: When Anchor-Navi is used, duplicate processing could occur for special elements because content function was executed twice in some cases.


  • New: Product import: Attribute language values can now be imported via CSV import.
  • New: Statistics: View simulator introduced.
  • New: Statistics: Clicks on external links.
  • Fix: PWA pages are no longer always created in the admin area but only when the setting is set.