Here you can find the standard themes of the wisy CMS. Each of these themes can be used as a basis for your website and offers a cheaper alternative to a complete, custom design.

The themes are customizable within certain limits. Each theme is adaptive and responsive and thus equally suitable for different device classes (e.g. desktop PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone, etc.).

Info: Very old browsers like InternetExplorer 8 can only be supported to a limited extent. For security reasons, however, even Microsoft and most major website operators recommend that you use newer browsers such as Mozilla FireFox (from v3), Google Chrome (from v4), Apple Safari (from v3.1) or Microsoft InternetExplorer (from v9).

Of course, we are happy to design your individual web presence for you, which can then offer you even greater flexibility.


wisy Template 19 - Mocca

Mocca is a template built on large images that supports both one-pager and multi-page sites and can be used widely.
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wisy Template 19 default
wisy Template 19 Overview

wisy Template 18 - Paris

Especially equipped with large impressive background images, the Paris template will captivate your website visitors.
You can showcase your key message in a particularly appealing way through the airy, layer-based parallax layout.
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wisy template 18 default
wisy template 18 overview

wisy Template 17 - Heartbeat

3We is always passionate about its work and would also like to provide cardiologists and other physicians with a template for easy implementation of their practice website. For this purpose, the template Heartbeat was created, which is characterized by an easy-to-maintain, but effective structure.
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wisy template 17 default
wisy template 17 overview

wisy Template 16 - Wild Life

Wild Life is a template designed for full format. It can be used with predefined content elements as well as freely definable.
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wisy template 16 default
wisy template 16 overview

wisy Template 15 - Shell

Shell has a grid layout navigation that automatically adapts to the number of menu items. The company logo is highlighted by the surrounding menu items.
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wisy template 15 waiting room
wisy template 15 sterile
wisy template 15 content
wisy template 15 default
wisy template 15 overview

wisy Template 14 – PolyTri

PolyTri is a 2-column theme with a flat design. The available colour sets allow you to change the basic colour between blue, orange and brunswick-green. Of course you can define your own color sets.

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wisy template 17 brunswick
wisy template 17 orange
wisy template 17 blue
wisy template 14 responsive

wisy Template 13 – Close & Far

Close & Far is particularly suitable for presentation-like websites with touch operation and can convey depth and emotionality through the large page image and the left information board without having to do without content.

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wisy Template 13 Menu open
wisy Template 13 Menu closed
wisy Template 13 - Close & Far

wisy Template 12 – aero

Due to its balanced curves, aero is a slim template that presents the contents very clearly and individually.

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wisy template 12 responsive

wisy Template 11 – United

United impresses with its modern and clearly structured design, which can easily be individualized by the cover picture. The template can be easily adapted by using many colour templates.

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wisy Template 10 – Colorful

Colorful is suitable for modern and clear pages. Thanks to its minimalist design and varied colour scheme, visitors can also find their way around on mobile devices. Both main colours can be defined in the backend.

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Template 10 | Green Yellow
Template 10 | Green Red
Template 10 | Grey Blue
Template 10 | Grey Orange
Template 10

wisy Template 09 – Obsidian

Obsidian impresses with its large header image, which influences the coloring of the individual pages. In addition to an image gallery adapted to the template, a two-column layout can also be selected.

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Template 09 | Two Columns
Template 09 | Gallery
Template 09

wisy Template 08 – Trinity

Trinity is a dark template with 3 columns. Due to the simple coloring Trinity looks tidy, but still offers a lot of space for content and menus.

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Template 08


wisy Template 07 – Three Bees

Three Bees is a three-column theme and is characterised by its special colouring, which can also be changed by the CMS user at any time. Included are 5 different colour sets. Further color sets can be defined with own colors in the backend.

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wisy CMS Template 07, Colorset 5
wisy CMS Template 07, Farbset 4
wisy CMS Template 07, Colorset 3
wisy CMS Template 07, Colorset 2
wisy CMS Template 07, Colorset 2

wisy Template 06 – Vintage Dreams

Vintage Dreams captivates by its simple structure and the strong effect of the background image. The template is also optimized for high-resolution displays and suitable for both current and future devices.

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Responsive-Preview of Template 06


wisy Template 05 – Synapse

Synapse relies on rollover navigation. Sub-navigation points can be called using rollover navigation. On Smartphones (and other TouchDevices) the navigation is opened by a click on the navigation point.

Info: It is important with this type of navigation that the main points with sub-points do not provide any content or content that is not relevant for smartphone users, as these cannot otherwise be called up on touch displays. The first sub-navigation point should then be used for this content.

> Link to the template

Template 05 Synapse (Smartphone)
Template 05 Synapse (Desktop Navi)
Template 05 Synapse (Desktop)
Responsive-Preview of Template 05

wisy Template 04 – Tiled Landscape

The tile navigation offers colourful and interesting possibilities. Here the content is placed as a layer over the actual navigation and closed accordingly as soon as you want to recall the navigation.

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Template 04 Tiled Landscape (small desktop)
Template 04 Tiled Landscape (Desktop)
Template 04 Tiled Landscape (Smartphone)
Template 04 Tiled Landscape (Desktop Navi)
Responsive-Preview of Template 04

wisy Template 03 - Sunset

The template ’Sunset’ is characterized by a calm atmosphere and offers high flexibility despite horizontal main navigation. The navigation is realized via a sitemap layer navigation.

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wisy Template 03 Sunrise on Smartphones
Template 03 Sunrise on Desktop Navi
wisy Template Sunrise
Responsive-Preview of Template 03

wisy Template 02 - Pure Natural

The template ’Pure Natural’ works only with discreet design elements and draws attention to the content. The navigation is also realized for desktop users via a folding navigation.

> Link to the template

wisy Template 02 Pure Nature on Smartphones
wisy Template 02 Pure Nature with Navigation
Responsive-Preview of Template 02

wisy Template 01 - Ocean

The Ocean Template ’Ocean’ was developed to provide more flexible and flexible access to tree navigation.

> Link to the template

wisy Template 02 Ocean on Smartphones
wisy Template 01 Ocean
Responsive-Preview of Template 01