• New: Flexible product importer
  • New/Changed: Pie chart representation of survey results added.


  • New: Code element added to the attractive display of program code.
  • New/Changed: New payment option "Sofortüberweisung" for the shopping cart special element added and payment process for PayPal and AmazonPayment revised
  • Fixed: Website printing now works again when using Pretty URLs, without having to manually hide the adminbars.


  • New: Console mode for adminbar added.
  • New: Content categories can now be assigned to individual content templates.
  • New: Forum special element expanded. (e.g. customized password forgotten function, etc.)
  • New: Users can be restricted so that only images with resolutions that have been stored as presets can be uploaded. (only useful in certain scenarios)
  • New: Subdivided statistics export introduced.
  • Fixed: Problem with FastEdit editor wrapping in some situation (introduced in version 1.96(5)).


  • New: All library elements can now be unlocked for groups only too, not only for themselves and all.
  • New: Maximum permitted incorrect login attempts have been introduced. (Bruteforce defense)
  • New: Polls can now be completed in multiple languages. (+ general improvements)
  • New: Invitations for surveys added. (only participate in surveys by invitation)
  • New/Changed: User and FE user rights are now controlled by groups.
  • New/Changed: Faster statistics evaluation
  • Changed: HTTPS support has been improved


  • New: Integrated email tool for IMAP mailboxes added.
  • New: Google font integration is now cached and the corresponding services are not requested per call.
  • New: Custom form extension for contingent mailings and post-shipment linking, as well as various minor adjustments and improvements.
  • New: Own forms can now also send attachments and embedded images for own mail texts.
  • New: SVG embedding for templates and content images added.
  • Changed: PHP 7 customizations (password encryption updated to newer, stronger algorithm, deprecated functions modified, etc.)
  • Changed: Speed improvements of the webtracker
  • Fixed: Show and hide boxes with radio buttons deleted initial selection value (checked value).
  • Fixed: Pressing the Reset button with Adminbar-FastEditor and the Highlighter switched on was only accepted (visually) once the text area had been clicked.


  • New: Sitemap import / export function for quick creation of page hierarchies. Supported are CSV files according to 2 schemata: 3We-typical sitemap schema and wisy export schema.
  • New: New special element "Bing" maps as an alternative to Google Maps.
  • New: Statistics function: Geo-database connection to evaluate visitors’ country.
  • New: Quota function for options in own forms.
  • New: Planned publication: Now you can publish content elements on the website only at a predefined time. This is also possible in a selectable period or a recurring period.
  • Fixed: Multilanguage Sitemap enhancements, to make it easier for search engines to find multilanguage pages.
  • Fixed: htaccess-writer inserts blank lines and comments twice in certain situations.